Why Won't My Mac Update To Mojave?

Why Won't My Mac Update To Mojave

While Updating Mac To Mojave version, the updating process might get stuck due to the following reasons. To know about Why Won't My Mac Update To Mojave?, have a view on this page.

  • Step 1: Network connection error
  • Step 2: Faulty applications
  • Step 3: Corrupted data
  • Step 4: Some security issues

Carry out the followings methods until the problem is resolved.

Method 1 - Restart Your Mac Computer

  • Step 1: On the desktop of your Mac computer, find the Apple logo at the upper-left corner and then click it.
  • Step 2: Select the Restart option from the Apple menu. If prompted, click the Restart button.
  • Step 3: This will restart the Mac computer.
  • Step 4: Once done, try to update the Operating System of the Mac computer to Mojave.
  • Step 5: The steps to download and install macOS 10.14 on the Mac computer are provided here for your reference.
  • Step 6: Open the App Store application on the Mac computer. Search for macOS 10.14 using the search bar.
  • Step 7: Click the Download button, type the Apple credentials such as ID and password, and continue with the on-screen guidelines to install the Mojave version on the Mac computer.
  • Step 8: If the problem still exists, perform the rest of the solutions mentioned on this web page.

Method 2 - Force Quit All Running Applications Or Programs

  • Step 1: On the Mac computer’s keyboard, press the Option, Command, and Esc buttons at the same time.
  • Step 2: Now, the Force Quit window will appear on the screen.
  • Step 3: Select the applications or programs that you need to close and then click the Force Quit button.
  • Step 4: If the applications do not respond, select the Finder option in the Force Quit window.
  • Step 5: After rebooting the Mac computer, download and install the Mojave version on it.

Method 3 - Internet Connection

  • Step 1: Internet connection plays an important role in updating the Operating System of the Mac computer.
  • Step 2: If the internet connection is not stable, the updating process might stop at any time.
  • Step 3: So, try to restart your wireless router or modem.
  • Step 4: Turn off the wireless router or modem. After a short duration, power up the wireless router or modem.
  • Step 5: If needed, power cycle the wireless router.
  • Step 6: Another way of refreshing the internet connection is by selecting the System Preferences option from the Apple menu.
  • Step 7: After clicking the Network button, select the name of your Wi-Fi network.
  • Step 8: Turn off the Wi-Fi network and turn it on again.
  • Step 9: Wait until the network connection is stable and check if the problem is resolved by updating the Mac computer to the Mojave version.  

Method 4 - Storage

  • Step 1: The updating process takes a large amount of storage space. Check if the storage space on the Mac computer is enough to download and install the Mojave version.
  • Step 2: Select the About this Mac option from the Apple menu.
  • Step 3: If the storage space is not sufficient for the updating process, try to clear it by uninstalling the unused applications on the Mac computer.

Method 5 - Updating In Safe Mode

  • Step 1: Power off the Mac computer and then turn it on by pressing the Shift key on the keyboard.
  • Step 2: After booting the Mac computer in safe mode, retry the update process.
  • Step 3: If all the above-mentioned steps fail to fix the problem, create a bootable installer and format the USB drive.
  • Step 4: You can also get remote assistance from our technical team to get answers to Why Won't My Mac Update To Mojave? query, by clicking the Call button available on our web page.