Remote desktop error 0x104 MAC

Remote desktop error 0x104 Mac

The Windows error code is a standard error that occurs during remote connection with Windows 10. The remote desktop protocol is built-in for Windows that has access to different networks without having any physical access.The error message will pop up when you are going to connect to the target system with a different network. The Remote desktop error 0x104 Mac message reads as,

“We couldn’t connect to the remote PC because the PC can’t be found. Please provide the fully-qualified name or the IP address of the remote PC, and then try again.”The error can be caused due to the DNS Settings, the network discovery, or the Windows Defender firewall.

Some common causes for the error 0x104 are:

  • Network discovery is turned off: If the Sharing feature has the network discovery turned off, it would lead to the error message.
  • Port Blocked: The remote desktops use the default port 3389, you may not be able to establish a connection if the firewall blocks it.
  • DNS Settings: The problem may be caused due to the custom DNS settings.

Follow ether of the steps to resolve the Remote desktop error 0x104 Mac


Method 1: Turn on Network Discovery

  • Open the Control panel window on your computer, select Network and Internet option, and click the Network and Sharing Center.
  • On the left side of the control panel, select the option Change Advanced Sharing Settings.
  • Click to expand the network profile ad select the options to turn on network discovery.

Method 2: let port 3389 through Firewall

  • Open the Start menu by opening the Windows key.
  • In the search bar, enter the Remote settings and hit Enter.
  • The System Properties window will open, click the last tab Remote, and you will see the settings open.
  • Click on the checkbox that reads Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer and click the OK button.
  • Now, open the Control Panel window and click System and Security.
  • Click the Windows Defender settings and select Advanced settings.
  • On the left side of the Windows pane, select inbound rules and search for Remote Assistance. Make sure the option is enabled.
  • Make sure User desktop is enabled with the port number 3389.

Try to establish the connection again to see if the error is resolved.

Method 3: Clear Custom DNS servers

  • Open the Control Panel window and click on Network and internet settings.
  • Click the Change Adapter Settings option and select Properties.
  • Ensure to check the Obtain DNS server is automatically selected and click the OK button.
  • You can try establishing the connection again to see if the error is resolved.
  • To resolve Remote desktop error 0x104 Mac, contact our technical team by clicking the call button displayed on this screen.