Solved: Microsoft Office For Mac Update Problems

Microsoft Office for Mac Update Problems

When you try to install the update for the Microsoft Office on you Mac, you are prone to receive the Microsoft Office for Mac update problems that reads,

"Office can't be installed on this disk. A version of the software required to install this update was not found on this volume. To learn how to fix it this issue, see "I can't install Office for Mac updates" at"

The error is so standard and may because due to the following reasons,

  • An external hard drive is connected to the computer.
  • The in-built backup time machine is interfering with the installation.
  • The software is updated and trying to install the update again.
  • The languages do not match with the one in the update file to the Office for Mac installation.
  • You may have opted for custom installation, and not all applications are installed.

To resolve the issue, try troubleshooting the error with each of the following methods to adapt to your situation.

Disconnect The External Hard Drive

  • Remove the external device(s) if there are any connections to the Mac.
  • Try updating now to see if the problem persists. 
  • If you do not have any devices connected to the Mac, proceed to the next step.

Exit Running Applications

  • To exit all the running applications that also include the in-built time machine, click on the Apple icon on the top screen of your Mac and click the option Force Quit.
  • When the force quit application window opens, please select an application and close them one by one.
  • Check if the Microsoft Office for Mac update problems persists during the update.

Check If The Update Is Already Installed

  • The error message indicates that the update is already installed.
  • To see if you have the updates, open any Microsoft application.
  • For example, in MS Word, click on the Help menu and click Check for updates.
  • Click on the option to see if the versions match.

Check If Microsoft Is In Applications Section

  • If the Microsoft Office is not in the applications window, the Mac will not detect the updates it requires.
  • Click the Go menu and click on Applications.
  • Close of the running applications.
  • From the File menu, select the File option.
  • You can locate the Microsoft Office in the search results and drag the folder to your desktop.

Check Whether The Download File Is In Correct Language

  • The language of the downloaded update file should match the Mac installation. 
  • To change the settings, go to the Microsoft official website.
  • Check the country settings at the top of the screen for Office for Mac installation.
  • Click Download to open the downloads page.
  • In the office for Mac, check the updated version of the product that you wish to have in the Available Downloads section.
  • Click Download now.
  • Now, check that your gMicrosoft Office for Mac update problems is solved.