Imessage Not Updating on Mac

Imessage Not Updating on Mac

iMessages is the default messaging service on Apple devices. If the iMessages could not update on Mac, use the below steps to solve the problem;

Sign off & Sign in:

  • On the Mac device, launch the iMessage app.
  • Select the Preferences menu and then select the Choose Accounts option.
  • Click the Sign Out menu and then wait for a few minutes.
  • Again, sign in to your account to use the iMessages.

Configuration Settings:

  • On the iMessages app, go to the Messages menu at the top.
  • Then, select Preferences. Following that, choose the Accounts option.
  • Check the Apple phone number entered in the iMessage settings.

Login with Apple ID:

  • Launch the iMessage app and navigate to the Preferences menu.
  • Now, click the Accounts button and turn on the account.
  • Next, choose the email address that is registered with the Apple ID.

Restart the Mac:

  • Go to the upper-left side and select the Preferences menu on the iMessage app on Mac.
  • Under the iMessage tab, below the Apple ID, untick the Enable this account option.
  • Close all the open windows after that return to the dock, click the Apple icon and choose Restart.
  • When the system turns on, check if the messages update.

Update macOS:

  • Verify whether the mac software has an updated version. If it is available, then go on to update the software.
  • On the Mac device, launch the App Store.
  • Click the Updates toolbar icon. A list of updates will be displayed.
  • Proceed to download and install the latest version of the iMessage software.
  • The other way to update macOS is to click on the Apple symbol on the dock.
  • Select the Software Update menu to scan for the new updates. If there are updates found, find the update you want and click the Update button.