How to Fix Error Code 8058 on Mac OS?

How to Fix Error Code 8058 on Mac OS

You may receive the error 8058 on your Mac device while trying to move files or copy them to other storage locations. Continue to read to understand the causes of the error and the solutions to fix the error 8058 using how to fix error code 8058 on Mac OS guide.

Causes Of The Error 8058:

  • If you have deleted the Mac system files.
  • If the system is corrupted or has any malware file.
  • Incomplete program installation on the Mac computer.

Solutions For The Error 8058:

1. Reboot Mac system

  • Try to restart the computer and see if the error disappears. Use the below steps to restart.
  • Click the Apple menu at the upper left corner of the menu bar.
  • Then select Restart from the list of options, after that, the computer reboots.
  • Otherwise, long-press the power button of the Mac device.

2. Remove The System Files

  • Close all the running programs and applications on the Mac computer.
  • Now, click the Go menu on the menu bar. If you cannot see the Go menu, search for the Finder app using the spotlight and proceed with how to fix error code 8058 on Mac OS guide.
  • Select the Finder menu on the dock, following that, choose Go.
  • Press the Alt button and select Library. Then, click the Preferences option. 
  • When the folder opens up, search the plist files and the Lockfile, and copy them.
  • Save the copied files in some other location, then delete the files under the Preferences list.
  • Next, restart the Mac computer and verify whether the error has been resolved.

3. Modify Disk Permissions

  • Go to the Finder app, search for the Hard Disk Drive menu, and right-click it.
  • After that, click the Get Info icon, and from the list of drives, select Repair Disk Permission.
  • After completing how to fix error code 8058 on Mac OS guide, Check if the error has been cleared.