How to Connect a Wireless Printer to Laptop?

How to Connect Wireless Printer to Laptop

On Windows 10: 

The below mentioned steps will help you to guide how to connect printer to a laptop. Follow the steps to have quick Printer connection.

  • Step 1 : Please turn on the router Wi-Fi network such that it is visible to the printer and the laptop, which has installed the printer software.
  • Step 2 : Switch on the printer and open the Settings menu.
  • Step 3 : Go to the Wireless Settings and choose your Wi-Fi network SSID, and then enter its password to configure wireless printer to the network.
  • Step 4 : Connect the laptop to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Step 5 : Next, on your laptop, click the Settings icon.
  • Step 6 : Select the Printers & Scanners menu and then choose Add a printer or scanner.
  • Step 7 : The printer model name appears on the laptop screen, select the correct model.
  • Step 8 : Click on the Add device button.
  • Step 9 : If the printer cannot be detected, then select the printer that It want isn’t listed.
  • Step 10 : Now, you can click the Add a Bluetooth, wireless, or network-discoverable printer option.
  • Step 11 : Find the printer and select the printer model to connect the wireless printer to laptop.